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Easy Container Financing with Acorn Finance

K3 SeaCo Container

Financing Options

With K3 Containers, your dream of owning a high-quality, versatile cargo container just got easier. Acorn Finance has partnered with K3
Containers to offer easy, flexible financing options for our customers.

No more worrying about large upfront payments. Now, you can spread out the cost of your container over time with manageable monthly payments.

How It Works

  1. Consultation: Get in touch with us at K3 Containers first. We will guide you through our various container options, any additional delivery fees, and possible modifications, ensuring you have a precise cost to enter in your Acorn Finance application.

  2. Application: Apply for financing directly on Acorn Finance’s website.

  3. Approval: After submitting your application, wait for approximately 60 seconds to receive your loan pre-qualification offers. Acorn Finance conducts a soft inquiry, meaning your credit score won’t be affected.

  4. Receive Funds: Once your loan is approved and accepted, Acorn Finance will deposit the funds directly into your account. You can then use this to make your purchase with us.

  5. Complete Purchase: Use the loan funds to pay us via ACH Payment. Then, we’ll schedule your container for delivery.

Acorn Finance apply and get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Used Containers For Sale

*these are base prices based on being located inside of our free 100 miles delivery radius*

 *prices subject to change*

Introducing used containers

Dive deep into the world of Used Containers, where quality meets affordability. When considering used containers, it’s essential to understand their grading system, ensuring that you choose the right fit for your needs.

🔸 Understanding Container Grades
Containers are usually graded based on their condition, which takes into account factors like cosmetic appearance, structural integrity, and the age of the container. The grading system is a great way to gauge the quality and potential lifespan of a used container.

🔸 Grade 2: Our Standard
At K3 Containers, our used containers typically fall under Grade 2. This means they might show signs of wear such as cosmetic dings or rust patches. However, these are merely surface issues. Every Grade 2 container we offer is guaranteed to be wind and weather tight, ensuring your items remain protected from the elements.

🔸 Value Beyond Price
Our used containers offer exceptional value. They provide the durability and security of a new container but at a more accessible price point. You can trust in their resilience, knowing they’ve been tried and tested in real-world conditions.

🔸 Why Choose K3’s Used Containers?
With us, you’re not just getting a storage solution; you’re investing in a container that’s been handpicked for its quality and reliability. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that even with the natural wear of time, our containers are built to last.

20-Foot Standard

Standard 20 Foot Container

Compact and versatile, our 20-foot standard container is perfect for your smaller-scale needs. It’s ideal for personal projects, business storage, or creative spaces. With K3 Containers, you’re investing in a container that’s built to last, providing excellent value for your money.


40-Foot Standard

Storage crates repurposed for commercial use in product displays

Looking for more room? Our 40-foot standard container provides ample space to accommodate larger projects or storage requirements. It’s the ultimate solution for businesses, homeowners, or creative professionals seeking a durable and spacious container.


40-Foot High Cube

Used 40 Foot High Cube

Maximize your space with our 40-foot high cube container. Enjoy an extra foot of headroom compared to standard containers, perfect for storing tall items or creating spacious work environments. With K3 Containers, you get the most out of your investment.


One-Trip New Containers for Sale

*these are base prices based on being located inside of our free 100 miles delivery radius*

 *prices subject to change*

Single-Use Storage Containers – The Ultimate Storage Experience:

Looking for a container in pristine condition? Look no further. Our One-Trip/New Containers represent the pinnacle of quality in the container industry. Here’s why they’re the gold standard:

  1. Gently Used, Maximum Quality: These containers have been used only once, making a single journey on a ship. This means they’ve been exposed to minimal wear and tear, ensuring you receive a container in near-mint condition.

  2. Aesthetically Pleasing: One-Trip/New Containers often have no dents, scratches, or rust. They retain their original color and shine, making them perfect for businesses, homes, or any place where appearance matters.

  3. Optimal Longevity: Due to their limited use, these containers promise an extended lifespan. Investing in a One-Trip/New Container means investing in durability and longevity.

  4. Sealed Tight, Stored Right: With fresh, intact seals, you can be assured of a watertight and airtight container, safeguarding your valuables from the elements.

  5. Best-in-Market: Simply put, you can’t buy a container in better condition than these. When quality, longevity, and aesthetics are paramount, our One-Trip/New Containers are the obvious choice.

20-Foot Standard

Standard 20 Foot Container

Compact yet flawless, having been utilized for just a single journey, it stands as a testament to nearly untouched perfection. Whether it’s for personal use, business storage, or unique projects, choosing a container from K3 guarantees you’re getting the best of the best, right off the ship.


40-Foot Standard

Containers used as product displays for K3 Containers

Seeking pristine spaciousness? Our 40-foot one-trip container, fresh from its maiden journey, delivers expansive storage for bigger projects. Whether for business, residence, or creative pursuits, with K3, you’re choosing unparalleled quality in vast proportions.

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40-Foot-High Cube

One Trip 40 Foot High Cube

Elevate your storage game with our 40-foot-high cube, a one-trip marvel. Boasting an extra foot of vertical space, it’s ideal for taller items or more generous working areas. Opt for K3 Containers and maximize every inch with confidence.


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